Why women like Jacinda Ardern make such strong leaders

Alison Pullen was interviewed by Saskia Tillers for The CEO Magazine to discuss how more feminine leadership styles, which diverge from traditional models of leadership, have demonstrated through their response to the COVID-19 pandemic that this could be what the world needs.

Alison argues that whether in politics or the corporate world, there is a need “to stop perpetuating the idea of ‘women as the other to the white, older male by which everyone else is judged. […] We need to actually think about women and their behaviours, practices and leadership capabilities in their own terms'” and instead consider what women ‘bring that is distinctive from other people?’”. This change will happen once there is “a conscious push and systemic change to ensure more women can continue smashing glass ceilings”.

Read the full article published 4/11/2020

Photo by Ulysse Bellier via Flickr

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