Publications and presentations

Following is a list of selected presentations and publications authored by team members.


Rhodes, C., Pullen, A., McEwen, C., (2023). It’s not all about gender or ethnicity: a blind spot in diversity programs is holding equality backThe Conversation, 24 January.

Rhodes, C., Pullen, A., McEwen, C., (2023). Leadership Diversity Through Relational Intersectionality in Australia: Research Report. The University of Technology Sydney.


McEwen, C., Ozkazanc-Pan, B., Pullen, A., Quiggin, R. & Rhodes, C. (2021). Colonialism and Racism in Australian Organizations: Mobilizing Business Schools for Social Justice. Presented at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Racial Justice and Business Ethics (session 623), Virtual session, 1 August.

McEwen, C., Pullen, A., & Rhodes, C. (2021). Sexual harassment at work: A leadership problemRevista de Administração de Empresas61(2). [Portuguese translation and video summary]

Maguire, S., & Pullen, A. (2021). In Kamala’s footsteps: a girls’ guide to crashing through the glass ceiling. The Lighthouse, 19/1/2021. Sydney: Macquarie University.

Pullen, A., Rhodes, C., McEwen, C., & Liu, H. (2021). Radical politics, intersectionality and leadership for diversity in organizationsManagement Decision, 59(11), 2553-2566.


Prasad, A., Centeno, A., Rhodes, C., Nisar, M. A., Taylor, S., Tienari, J., & Alakavuklar, O. N. (2020). What are men’s roles and responsibilities in the feminist project for gender egalitarianism?Gender, Work & Organization.

McEwen, C., Pullen, A., & Rhodes, C. (2020). The Aporia of Diversity Management: Tensions of Control and Proliferation in the Pursuit of Organizational Equality. The SCOS Conference 2020: Difference, Copenhagen, 6-9 July.

McEwen, C., Pullen, A., & Rhodes, C. (2020). Intersectional reflexivity and relational intersectionality: The perils, potential and politics of researching diversity in organizations. The Gender, Work and Organization 11th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference, Stream 16 ‘The Present and Future of Intersectionality: Controversies, Challenges, Transformations and Opportunities’, Kent, 24-26 June.

McEwen, C., Pullen, A., & Rhodes, C. (2020). Not all awareness training impacts inequalities equallyThe Sydney Morning Herald, The Lowdown, 10 August.
[Republished in Polish: McEwen, C., Pullen, A., & Rhodes, C. (2020). Osiem powodów, dla których organizacjom trudno osiągnąć różnorodność. Zielone Wiadomości, 10 June.]

Pullen, A., McEwen, C., & Rhodes, C. (2020). Sexual harassment in the financial services sector is a symptom of the crisis at the heart of leadership. Women’s Agenda, 14 September.

Pullen, A., Rhodes, C., & McEwen, C. (2020). Redressing leadership inequality-generating practices across differences: Conceptualising ‘relational intersectionality’. The 36th EGOS Colloquium 2020, Sub-theme 60: The Politics of Difference: Critical Investigations across Time and Space, Hamburg, 2-4 July.

Pullen, A., & Vachhani, S. J. (2020). Feminist Ethics and Women Leaders: From Difference to IntercorporealityJournal of Business Ethics, 1.

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Andrijasevic, R., Rhodes, C., & Yu, K. H. (2019). Foreign workers: On the other side of gendered, racial, political and ethical borders. Organization. OnlineFirst

Vachhani, S. J., and Pullen, A. (2019). Ethics, politics and feminist organizing: Writing feminist infrapolitics and affective solidarity into everyday sexismHuman Relations, 72(1), 23-47.

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Lewis, P., Ozkazanc‐Pan, B., & Pullen, A. (2018). Gender, Work and Organization developments in 2018Gender, Work & Organization25(5), 437-442.

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Rhodes, C., & Pullen, A. (2018). Critical Business Ethics: From Corporate Self‐interest to the Glorification of the Sovereign PaterInternational Journal of Management Reviews20(2), 483-499.

Rhodes, C., Wright, C., & Pullen, A. (2018). Changing the world? The politics of activism and impact in the neoliberal universityOrganization25(1), 139-147.

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Pullen, A., Rhodes, C., & Thanem, T. (2017). Affective politics in gendered organizations: Affirmative notes on becoming-woman. Organization, 24(1), 105-123.

Rhodes, C. (2017). Ethical Praxis and the Business Case for LGBT Diversity: Political Insights from Judith Butler and Emmanuel LevinasGender, Work & Organization24(5), 533-546.


Pullen, A., Thanem, T., Tyler, M., & Wallenberg, L. (2016). Sexual politics, organizational practices: Interrogating queer theory, work and organizationGender, Work & Organization23(1), 1-6.

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Ahonen, P., Tienari, J., Meriläinen, S., & Pullen, A. (2014). Hidden contexts and invisible power relations: A Foucauldian reading of diversity researchHuman Relations67(3), 263-286.

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Thanem, T., & Pullen, A. (2014). Difference, Diversity and Inclusion in Monstrous OrganizationsEquality, Diversity and Inclusion, 33(7); 570-574.

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Prior to 2010

Linstead, S., & Pullen, A. (2006). Gender as multiplicity: Desire, displacement, difference and dispersion. Human Relations, 59(9), 1287-1310.

Pullen, A. (2006). Gendering the research self: Social practice and corporeal multiplicity in the writing of organizational researchGender, Work & Organization13(3), 277-298.

Pullen, A., & Rhodes, C. (2008). It’s all about me!’: Gendered narcissism and leaders’ identity work. Leadership, 4(1), 5-25.

Pullen, A., & Simpson, R. (2009). Managing difference in feminized work: Men, otherness and social practiceHuman relations62(4), 561-587.

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Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash