International collaborations

The Leadership Diversity Through Relational Intersectionality in Australia project is part of an informal global network of research on diversity and work. Other projects included in this network are:

Diversity and Difference Platform

The Diversity and Difference Platform at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is a cross-disciplinary research, education and outreach initiative, that draws upon and mobilizes the full range of expertise within CBS in order to address societal challenges. The Diversity & Difference Platform consolidate, advance and disseminate research on diversity and difference in order to make CBS a central hub for international diversity and difference research as well as a center of expertise that can assist policy-makers, business leaders and government representatives in complex matters of diversity and its management. The research includes the following thematic areas: 1) Culture and Language, 2) Gender and Sexuality, 3) Migration and Integration, 4) Leadership and the Professions, 5) Education, and 6) Teams and Networks. The CBS Diversity and Difference Platform commenced its activities on 1 March 2018 and will run for a five-year period as part of an overarching Business in Society initiative at Copenhagen Business School.



Diversity Institute

The Diversity Institute is located at the Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management. The Institute coordinates multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder research and leads numerous projects that address emerging employment trends and advance economic inclusion. In collaboration with a network of post-secondary institutions, corporate and community partners, not-for-profits, government, labour and industry associations, the Diversity institute promotes inclusion in employment, entrepreneurship and skills development. The Institute is leading, in collaboration with the Brookfield Institute and Ted Rogers School of Management, the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, funded by the Government of Canada which brings together key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem to support diverse women entrepreneurs by drawing on evidence-based best practices. The Institute is also an integral part of the new Ryerson-led Future Skills Centre, funded by the Government of Canada.


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